Is Your Audience Difficult To Assemble?

We have the solutions that extend the ‘reach’ of your message. Audio and Video streams can be transmitted live from your remote location or as a pre-recorded event complete with post-production graphics. You are the event Producer - we are the technical team behind you!

A Webcast Is Your Communications Solution

Do you need to reach a large and geographically diverse audience? Don’t set up a physical meeting, schedule a video webcast meeting!

Have you always thought you and your friends have conversations worthy of a talk show? We can put you ‘On Air’ in minutes with an audio or video show that you can produce as a hobby or as a profit making venture with advertisers.

Is you wedding guest list too large for the budget but not for your heart? Or are some friends and relatives just too far away to join you on that special day? Include EVERYONE in the festivities with a live webcast from the church or the reception hall.

Politicians on the stump and pastors that want to reach a new flock can also effectively use scheduled streaming audio and video channels to put the message out to supporters and congregants. All it takes in takes is a few minutes to set up the audio or video gear and plug it into an Internet capable PC computer.

Your event can be streamed live or recorded with ‘post production’ enhancements. You are the Producer, and the choice is yours. For more information, EMAIL US and we'll get right back to you!