Are you SURE you NEED a live stream?

Let's make it clear, not everyone needs a live stream. There is a huge difference between live streaming and video on demand. Surprisingly, the most important factor is not cost, but presentation needs. Streaming media targets known, essentially pre-qualified, groups with a longer message or event. Something similar to a three minute clip describing the features of a new house is probably better suited to a video on demand (VOD) placement unless it is strung together with a series of informative clips that would comprise a full 'show' presentation.

If you are unsure which video presentation bests suits your needs you should call us for a free consultation. We offer VOD hosting and recommend it for smaller firms and enterprises that may have space or bandwidth limitations on their current web site servers.

24/7 Webcasting Costs Far Less Than You Expect . .

None of us live in a vacuum, we all know you may choose from many webcast service vendors. Some are fairly priced, some are not and prey upon your ignorance of the market. As content producers we've been at both ends of the spectrum and we appreciate a vendor that doesn't look at us as the way to pay for the new Bentley. We have priced our server time and bandwidth at reasonable levels with the hope that you will keep us as your trusted vendor for a long time, not just until you learn how to do it yourself!

Our job is to provide a level of expertise that allows you to explore a new communications medium - audio and video webcasting. We can help you fit webcasting into your long term business plan, new market development scenario, or a short term need to reach a geographically diverse audience.

Large or Small Viewer Groups

It doesn't matter if you need to reach a small group or a large crowd, chances are good we can help! We specialize in assisting content producers with small and medium market needs, but we do have the capability to reach thousands of concurrent viewing locations. Most producers never anticipate this requirement, but if you believe your event or show needs a mega-bandwidth stream - we can offer it in a custom package for a one time event or recurring channel. Just EMAIL us for your free consult.