Audio or Video?

StreamNet Radio’ - Is a basic audio channel for those productions that require no video or graphic content to enhance your message. The content can be a simple instructional message to employees, a church sermon or choir session, or just an informational talk session between you and your guests.

It doesn’t matter if you have ten listeners or 5,000, you can broadcast yourself for one nominal monthly fee. It’s easy to do and requires a minimum amount of equipment and software. We will walk you through the simple set up instructions and show you how to link your station to your own webpage and how to set up your broadcast schedule.

StreamNet Video’ - Is a bit more complicated, but still simple enough that anyone with basic personal computer skills can be up and running in just a few minutes.

You will need a digital video camera that is ‘Firewire’ capable, a personal computer with adequate RAM memory, and a high speed connection to your local Internet Service Provider. The stronger your Internet upload connection, the better your output video will look.

Like the audio channels, we provide simple instructions for installation and use of the video software, linking from your own webpage, and all of the set ups needed to make your ‘station’ carry a live remote event, or pre-recorded program that streams on a set schedule.