Be ‘On Air’ In Minutes

Ten years ago the ability to ‘Broadcast Yourself’ over the Internet was just a concept. Five years ago it was possible, but not really practical. Today the ability of an individual or small group to produce a quality video or audio program and reach a large audience is not only practical, it is becoming almost necessary to some business models.

StreamNet Radio’ and ‘StreamNet Video’ servers are available to original content producers 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Whether you have an important one time event, or a recurring program or program series, we can help you get that content to your audience.

Because a ‘StreamNet’ channel is uniquely yours, you can send your content live or as a pre-recorded stream at any time of the day. Once you send the program to our server we do all the rest. It’s a send and forget system, and very simple to use.

The viewing audience sees the program just as it would any other broadcast content received via a cable television connection, except it arrives at their PC screen via Internet connection.

Set up fees are extremely low, and the flat rate maintenance fees are generous enough to allow you to grow your audience without a big surprise at the end of the webcast. You can EMAIL US HERE!